Minggu, 16 November 2014

In love with my new stainless steel teakettle from Lehman's

Large Spout Kettles

I just have to let you all know about my most recent purchase. & nbsp;Now as you know if you've read my blog at all, I generally purchase almost everything used at thrift stores or yard sales. & nbsp;So when I actually buy something brand new, even something & nbsp;relatively & nbsp;cheap, I do tons of & nbsp;research & nbsp; read the reviews, and compare prices before I buy it.

My last & nbsp;tea-kettles & nbsp;have all been correll ware kinds found at yard sales. & nbsp;The problem is that even though I quite like them they are small so that they don't fill up my tea pot when I'm making tea. And they don't have a whistle so my eldest daughter who also loves tea, forgets about it and it goes dry and then shatters.

So I resolved to bite the bullet and buy a brand new whistling tea kettle. & nbsp;First I looked at what was in stores, but I wanted something old fashioned looking and also stainless steel inside and out. & nbsp;Then I looked online at wally world and target. & nbsp;And then finally I looked at & nbsp;Lehman's & nbsp;website since I had to order something else that only they carry.

I saw they had several & nbsp;tea-kettles & nbsp;at the same prices as even cheapo walmart! & nbsp;But I fell in love with the above & nbsp;tea kettle! & nbsp;Here is the description.

Our three generously sized tea kettles feature a distinctive two-tone whistle, not the shrill screech of an average & nbsp;tea-kettle & nbsp; The easy-clean stainless steel body helps keep water hot. Your choice of sizes; ideal for canning or a family gatherings.
  • Easy clean stainless steel kettles
  • Extra large pour spouts
  • Plastic handle stays cool
  • Made of 201 stainless steel
  • Imported

They come in three sizes and I got the one gallon. & nbsp;Ok, come on one gallon! & nbsp;And by the way that is the smallest size available, the biggest is two gallons. & nbsp;This would be perfect for when the electricity goes out and you need to heat large amounts of water. & nbsp;It is & nbsp;awesome & nbsp;and I love it, especially the whistle that is so cool. & nbsp;When I first got it I & nbsp;immediately & nbsp;tried it out and right before it started to whistle gather all the kids around to hear it. & nbsp;They have never heard a whistling & nbsp;tea-kettle & nbsp;before! & nbsp;It sounds just like a train, but of course not as loud. & nbsp;My eldest daughter wants to get one now for her hope chest!


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