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Ecolunchbox review

ECOlunchbox - Healthy for People  & amp; the Planet

Like many parents, I want my child to have what's best for them. This has started me on a quest to make sure I find the most eco-friendly options available for most things, since stuff that is ecofriendly is often times the best for you and your family (less toxins, natural ingredients, etc). I've been slowly transforming the way my entire family lives, and snacks were bound to come up eventually.

With summer fast & nbsp;approaching & nbsp;one of the things I was looking for was a portable snack container for my daughter. & nbsp;She goes to tons of activities in summer and takes & nbsp;frequent & nbsp;bike rides as well so a way for her to transport a snack and drink along was essential.

Searching the net I found EcoLunchboxes. The stainless steel alternatives to plastic containers intrigued me, and these products offered me a back-to-the-basics solution. They were generous enough to send me out a sample of some of their products to review: The Solo Cube (square) and the ECOsnacksack.

I have to say that I love the stainless steel because it is durable and also wont leach chemicals into food. & nbsp;And the minute I saw the snacksack I knew my daughter would love it! & nbsp;They come in a variety of colors and all are cute.

I used the ECOsnacksack to hold the Solo Cube and a drink, but it wasn't big enough to hold anything else. It is a "snack" sack and not a "lunch" sack. That's something to keep in mind! (Ecolunchboxes also offers a larger bag called the ECOLunchwrap if you want the bag to hold your full lunch!). & nbsp;I was very impressed at how easy it was to wash the container. I opted to wash it by hand, and they might as well have been unused with me washing them as it was a cinch! & nbsp;

All in all, I love these and so does my very picky teen aged daughter. & nbsp;They make a great idea for summer outings and activities. Obviously you cannot microwave the containers, but that is the only downside. They hold food great, nothing leaked. & nbsp;The containers were easy to open, and easy to clean. They were wonderful! They are also non-toxic and waste-free! The ECOsnacksSack & nbsp;was not only adorable but sturdy. It functions great for a snack carrier, just look for the next size up if you want it to hold a meal. If you want more information on EcoLunchboxes, you can read about the why and story behind ECOlunchbox .

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