Jumat, 21 November 2014

Helping A Family

Sorry I've been so quiet of late dear readers but I have been wrapped up in a little project for the last week and it has been taking up all my leftover energy after family.

What has happened is as follows

There is a family with three little boys down the street from us. & nbsp;When we first moved in they came over the next day excited about a new family of children to play with. & nbsp;From the first I noticed that the boys clothes were often very dirty, shoes falling apart, and they were dirty too. & nbsp;They wandered about the & nbsp;neighborhood & nbsp;from sunup till after dark

As I got to know them I found out that they were living with their very old grandma and their disabled father. Their mother had just up and left when the youngest was under a year old! & nbsp;My mothers heart was just breaking for them!

So as often as I can I have them over to play (I also push as much homemade food on them as possible). & nbsp;They are amazingly sweet little boys. & nbsp;They are gentle and kind to my 4 year old, and they never say anything & nbsp;off & nbsp;color & nbsp;or snotty.

This fall as it has gotten colder (it gets very cold here and right now it's snowing) & nbsp;I've noticed that whenever they come over they are wearing too small grubby shorts and their shoes are falling apart. & nbsp;At first I didn't worry because I know they dress themselves and if I let my kids they would do the same thing sometimes. & nbsp;But one day I realized that they may not have any other clothes. & nbsp;So as casually as possible I asked the middle boy if he had any pants for winter. & nbsp;No, he says, we & nbsp;don't & nbsp;have any money and dad's trying to get us some but he cant. & nbsp;I asked about his shoes that were literally falling apart and it was the same thing.

Now this was just horrible to me. & nbsp;They had no coats, no pants, no shoes, no socks, and snow and really bitter cold weather was almost here! & nbsp;But what to do? & nbsp;At that moment we had no money and all my boys clothes were either too small or worn out so I couldn't give them anything.

So I decided to post on a classified board on & nbsp;Facebook & nbsp;for our town a cry for help. & nbsp;Here is the whole conversation over about 3 days. & nbsp;I didn't want them to know it was me giving them these clothes because the little boys might feel ashamed that they & nbsp;don't & nbsp;have any, and the dad may have gotten offended and not let them come over anymore. & nbsp;I also kept their name confidential the entire time because I know I wouldn't want to be talked about like this even if it was true! & nbsp;This family tries hard, I know the dad does his best and loves his boys. & nbsp;They are just going through hard times. & nbsp;I know how that feels because we have gone through them too.

People just rallied to my call as you can see. & nbsp;I had clothes dropped off at my house, and I picked up quite a bit too. & nbsp;In the end the each of the boys & nbsp;received as follows. & nbsp; & nbsp;A new bag a socks and gloves from a very nice Christian couple who wanted to buy them (this was an & nbsp;answer & nbsp;to my fervent prayers because they were wearing worn out mens socks from their dad and I so wanted to get them new socks for winter but felt it was wrong to ask for money on & nbsp;Facebook & nbsp; and then this lady up and emailed me, God is Great!), 4 pairs of pants, coats, jackets, shoes, boots, winter hats, t shirts, long sleeved shirts, and snow pants. & nbsp;All of it was nice and in great condition! & nbsp;I separated it all into piles for each boy and then packaged them up with a note saying that the community loves them and cares for them. & nbsp;Then my husband and I put it on their doorstep, rang the bell, and ran.

Now a week later they are wearing their new clothes with such pride and & nbsp;happiness & nbsp;it just warms my heart. You can see it in their faces! & nbsp;They & nbsp;don't & nbsp;suspect me and one of the boys said that his daddy & nbsp;doesn't & nbsp;know where the clothes came from!

I guess I'm writing to encourage you to do what I did. & nbsp;If you see a need & nbsp;don't & nbsp;let it go, reach out your hand because even if you have no money like us you can still do something!


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