Sabtu, 29 November 2014

Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes Review

Today I have a tasty review and & nbsp;give-away & nbsp;for you - Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes! They sent me such great goodies. 3 packs of Sun Dried Tomatoes in flavors of Greek Oregano, Italian Basil and Zesty Peppers. In the jars, we have Bruschetta with Italia Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sun Dried tomatoes, Tomato Halves with Italian Herbs, Tomato Pesto Sauce with Whole Pine nuts, and Julienne Cut tomatoes with Italian Herbs. They all come with little mini cook books on top of the jars as well as recipes on the back of the Sun Dried packets and if that & nbsp;doesn't & nbsp;appeal to you they sent a cook book in the shape of a menu. This will hang on the side of my refrigerator.

I loved the flavor of these tomatoes, they were so intense, like the best tomato you have ever eaten on steroids. & nbsp;They are also a little sweet and savory. & nbsp; It's that time of year where spring is here and summer is lurking around the corner and my entire winter menu goes out the door. Instead of the heavy comfort food I start making & nbsp;Fruit salads, Veggie Salads and Pasta Salads. I used the tomato halves in a sauce over homemade pasta, and I love the bag tomatoes on salads. & nbsp; These are so versatile in recipes. & nbsp;You can use them not just for a garnish on salads or appetizers, but in sauces, dips, main dishes and soups.

Bella Sun Luci sun-dried tomatoes are made in Chico, California, at family-owned Mooney Farms - it's a small business that started out with a kiwi farming operation, but expanded to sun-dried tomatoes, and they've really taken off. Check out their website for inspiring recipes and ordering information. & nbsp;You can actually read more about Mooney Farms and how they came about right & nbsp;here. & nbsp;


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