Selasa, 04 November 2014

Herbs to Plant in the Shade

Living on a smaller lot means getting creative with the garden space I have. & nbsp;We have lots of lovely shade (something I & nbsp;enjoy after living in the desert my whole life) that is great for being outside, but not so great when it comes to gardening. & nbsp;I need herbs but have so little full sun space that I am going to have to squeeze them in where I can. & nbsp;That's why I started searching for herbs that thrive in shade. & nbsp;Thankfully there are several that will do well and I cant wait for spring! & nbsp;Here are some shade loving herbs for your garden.

A note on mints - even though they are not technically shade loving plants they will grow well in any light, so well in fact that they will take over. & nbsp;Be careful where you plant these because they are invasive. & nbsp;I like to plant them in a corner where nothing else will grow.


Lemon Balm

Anise Hyssop

Spice Bush



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