Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

My thing.....

I think I've found my 'thing'. I really enjoy making lambs and stuffed kids toys. These lambs seem to be a constant work in progress at my place. It seems to be the one thing that people ask me to make all the time when they have new babies arriving.

I've never tried a red one before - looks cute though! My only worry is that the washable pen I used to trace the face features will still not wash out. So, a word of warning... wool and washable pens may not always mix! The photo actually makes it look worse than it is.

This spotty lamb is gorgeous and a special request by a special friend for her sister who is expecting baby number one. I found more pressure sewing for her than anyone. I wanted it to be better than perfect. Not possible, I know!!

Off to the machine - I have a list as long (or longer) as my arm of things I need to complete. I did make a little flower handbag for a friend's daughter on the weekend while they were visiting - but as usual - it disappeared before I remembered to take a photo of it!!

If you had to choose a lamb... what colour would you choose?


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